“If you look in the street, you can find what you need.
If you look in the stars, you can find who you are”.
This sentence came out unexpectedly from my heart as I was walking through the streets of London, the city that is closest to me spiritually.

I printed my first horoscope on a mimeograph. It was 1967, I was 13 years old. From then on, I’ve been asking the star sign of almost every person I meet, from the doctor to the baker, to the bartender, the train conductor, my colleagues. It has happened even with customs officers and seat neighbours on planes: I just can’t help myself. With their complete date of birth, I can verify if what I learned from the books and magazines corresponds to reality. For years I’ve been collecting the birth skies of celebrities, comparing them with what they say in interviews and guessing what they will say next according to the position of their planets. It’s a sort of revision.

My first horoscope complete with predictions took me a week of intense work. It was 1981. Today I can analyse the main aspects of an horoscope and make accurate predictions in minutes, but I dedicate time to capture those details of a birth chart that make the life of that person unique. Astrology forced me to let go of prejudice, to be meticulous and exact in my calculations, it rebukes me each time I’m in hurry or I guess, it sustains my intuition and sensitivity. The fact of being responsible for what I say to others forces me to respect everybody’s choices, but especially it pushes me or rather it compels me to stimulate the innate virtues and to highlight dark spots that block or slow down progress. In any case, I see a crisis as ideal moment to reconnect the dialogue with the interior stars, the light that never goes out even if feeble.

My approach to “alternative sciences” (astrology, tarots, numerology, and less so oniromancy, grafology and chiromancy) was strongly influenced by the experimental studies of the Bologna School “Scuola di Servizio Sociale di Bologna I.R.E.S.S. (4 years of theory and 2 practicals), by a passion for communication, by research work in the field of motivational marketing ( statistics and codification, motivational interviews, group management), by travel experiences, by Zen philosophy, by a love for mathematics, literacy and psychology.

In 1989 I get diagnosed with diabetes, I change my approach to astrology, I further study the topic physical body and its workings. I publish part of these studies in the booklet “ASTRI E SALUTE” that came out with the magazine INTIMITÀ (1990).

Between 1990 and 1991 I plan and create for the company LIBERTEL the telematic service “ALTRE VIBRAZIONI”: I publish articles and predictions, I answer the questions of users on cabala, I ching, astrology, dreams, magic herbs, psycological tests.
Between 1992 and 1994 I work with the publishing house Campi best known for its Almanacco Barbanera. I write more than 1000 studies of daily saint names and publish them in various ways and often on italian newspapers like Gazzetta del Sud e House Organ.
In 1993 they commission me to research the publications in the field in Italy and England, this gives birth to “AGENDA MAGICA 1994”, unique product as for format and information. It comes out November 1993.
From 1997, thanks to Astra magazine, I start my consultancy and animation activity on Costa cruises and resorts. This gives birth to a longlasting relationship with Planhotel in the Maldives Islands of Athuruga and Thudufushi. The lady of the stars is born under those skies.
With the publishing house GIUNTI I publish the astrological part of the book “Che nome dare al tuo cucciolo” (I edizione 2011).
From 2004 to 2016 I collaborate with the monthly magazine “INSIEME” and for its website. I analyse in total more than 4000 names and birthdates of babies now older children or teenagers.
As well as New Years predictions, which appeared translated on the spanish twin magazine, I write a monthly horoscope tailored to parents of children 0-5, an experiment that hasn’t been tried out yet in Italy.
In 2007 I publish “ASTROBEBE’ Psico-Oroscopo del Bambino Segno per segno, il suo profilo e il rapporto con mamma e papà” with Sfera Publishing and sponsored by Huggies. Published several times until very recently it has been translated into English and was available in the Apple store.
From 1982 to 2002 I invent and carry out tests, games and test games for magazines that target a range of ages and categories.

I intervene sporadically as astrologist and numerologist in broadcasting programmes on RAI, Radio RAI, MTV, Telenova, RadioMonteCarlo, Radio Capital. I participated in the movie by Adriana Monti “Ritratti”.


In 1973 I’m taught by a young traveller the basis of reading rummy cards to predict the future. A few basic notions, 1 to 5 represent situations that depend on oneself, 6 to 10 situation caused by others, face cards represent real people. The joker doesn’t count. Diamonds are money, spades difficulties, hearts love, clubs friendship.

I try to read the cards to a friend for fun and in fact the prediction comes true within a few months. It was difficult to think it would be possible, and yet…..
In the seventies astrology, cards, I ching, travelling to India and South America all boomed. I go with the flow and so encounter different ways of reading cards, all very different but with the same creative base: to invent the world, to change the rules, to express feelings, to promote new hopes “beyond good and evil”, beyond right and wrong. It’s about here and now.
At the Inti Raymi celebration (sun celebration) of 1979 I feel ready and well equipped to read tarots in public under Cuzco’s arcades, together with other young “teachers” of mine, gladdened by Andean music and so much warmth in the heart.

In the following trip to India I take part in a tarot group lead by Prembodhi, author of “The Intuitive Tarot” then published by Re Nudo. I learn that every tarot reading can become – if well directed – a step on an endless journey full of surprises and wonders, with each encounter as a springboard for new situations.
On this trip my passport is the Tarots. To choose my stage name I draw a Dakini card, major tarot number two comes out: Isis the Egyptian Goddess. With this name I pursue this experience in clubs, friends’ parties, public and private spaces.

Tarots for breakfast, lunch and dinner, draw a card and imagination lights up the present. Tarots as drama therapy. The best actors are children and also guests of tourist resorts. The stars, piers, lounges, gardens know something about it. Take a break, take a Tarot card. Relax your mind and choose a card.


From my dad I learned to have a good relationship with numbers and arithmetics: he could work out mentally multi digit maths problems. Maybe because Arab culture has deeply influenced the Sicilian one. This passion for numbers is also part of the young Mercury sign, Gemini.

From numbers to Qabalah the step was long, but once over the hurdle of complex hebrew mentality a world of infinite possibilities and references opened to me and enabled me to observe the outer and inner world with new eyes.

Numbers letters stars forms colours and all that exists find correspondence and create synergy; micro and macro cosmos interact better and more often when symbols reveal themselves. Number 1 for example is related to the sun, to yellow, to independence, to the full stop, the letter A, the head, the magician, fame and it facilitates further connections. For me, numbers are the tip of an iceberg.

Traduzione di Giulia Goracci


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