You are under the influence of CANCER Zodiac Sign if you are born between the 21st of June and 22nd of July (i.e. Sun in Cancer) and also if you have the Moon or ascendant in this sign or the Moon in your birth chart forms more aspects than any other planet. Or, more still, if you have many planets in the IV House.

The most obvious and peculiar characteristics of this sign are: early emancipation, patriotism, sensitivity, intuition, touchiness, tendency to remember very sad events. They are drawn to the sea and to all pure and crystalline water, they find criticism hard to stomach, especially if well founded, they have an obsessive desire to collect objects that are linked to emotional events of the past.


As a WATER sign Cancer is very emotional, it “penetrates” every situation taking on its form, in other words, they adapt but without ever losing their personality, they are consistent, and this helps them to polish the rough edges of their lives and the lives of others, as they never give up and nothing stops them even if they can appear stuck. In fact, like their corresponding element water, they always find a way out. A dreamer like neither Sagittarius or the purest water sign, Cancer feels the duty to defend life in all its forms. Their life first of all and for this they have a great self-defence mechanism. It is very difficult to defeat them, as they immediately curl up like a hedgehog or clam up in their homes, some of them literally under the blankets to recover psycho-physically and be ready for battle a few hours later.

When they want something, they don’t put their foot down like Capricorn, they don’t run head on against obstacles like Aries, nor beat about the bush like Aquarius or Libra: Cancerians prefer to repeat rhythmically what they want like a hammer drill until…after wearing out the others…they get it.

THE RHYTHM OF CANCER RESEMBLES THAT OF THE MOON it’s there, it’s not there, but then it comes back.

Cancerians have repetitive and, hence, predictable rhythms. They remember, dream, fall silent, think, and all over again. Remember, dream, fall silent, think…. They have the same rhythm of the lunar phases, full, empty, full, empty, full… But then something hurtful occurs, and then… good heavens: tears, despair, suppressed anger, and then, all of a sudden, a flood of words like torrential rain. Or something exiting happens and all of a sudden, they laugh, sing, joke and play around, are filled with overwhelming joy that brings back the sun where shortly before was fog. An interest, a phone call, a smile, a compliment, and Cancerians smile back at life.

If they do allow someone to momentarily invade their privacy (house, room, little corner…), it’s very difficult they’ll do the same with their thoughts and daydreams, their projects, often kept hidden even from their family members or their best friends.

To help scratch the surface of their hardness there is a secret, a winning move, a particular combination. The code to the lockbox heart of Cancerians changes from moment to moment, therefore with them you have to follow your instinct, use a catch phrase and a heap of feelings. Sooner or later they yield to sadness or joy, that’s for sure. Let’s remember, any feeling is a PHASE that never lasts more than two and a half days: it depends on the movement of the moon through the sky, on the weather…etc, etc…It’s a moody sign, to know what they drank or ate, how they slept and who they saw will help to understand their frame of mind. Even if depressed and sad they suddenly become strong, courageous, lively if they see in others their own moods: although strange, when they have in front of them a sad person they become even more sad and in reaction – within a few seconds – they become the exact opposite, super optimistic. Or, also, if they are sad with their relatives or work colleagues they might become happy, cheerful and merry as soon as they change crowd.

Like Narcissus, they tend to “mirror” themselves in others and in what surrounds them. It is for this reason that they seek the company of people that are strong as rocks and are like rays of sunlight from whom they will receive oxygen, brightness and purposefulness.

They like themselves although they never talk about it.

The mirror can be unforgiving with this sign who has an awful relationship with time: Cancerians hate ageing: “oh my God how horrible it is to get older…crow’s feet…how sad…”. They keep alive in them a childish side and many past memories when they were young, innocent, hopeful, resourceful and loved.

This is a maternal sign and, as such, Cancer likes to create “matter”.  Every cancerian follows emotions and dreams and transforms his/her dreams into concrete, material things, for example pictures, houses,  products or fashion clothes.

Those born under Cancer are dominated by the Moon and love their homes? True. They want it cosy and warm? Not really, they prefer a home that is well protected, hard to access, possibly surrounded by a wall or hedge but nonetheless with windows to be able to look outside…and curtains to avoid being seen.

With their “one and only” they are willing to share the bed but in their own home because “better my own rough sheets than the silky ones of other beds”. They prefer to sleep in the dark like a fish, for this they can clash with Aries, Virgo or Scorpio.

When they want to clarify some painful matters they prefer to do it elsewhere as they like to protect their homes from negative energy or vibrations. Their homes (or cars) “must” always remain a nest of love where they can live their best dreams.

Are they welcoming? Sufficiently, as long as the guest doesn’t take root and invade their bedroom. Cancerians with planets in Gemini or Leo are somewhat lazy, they prefer to eat than to cook… They will let you come in and have your way in their kitchen. Or they will ask for some advice but prefer to do it themselves.

The guest must carefully avoid changing places to “their” things: each single object around the house has to stay in its original position, sometimes for whole decades. When invited over, Cancerians can quickly spread out occupying the space they need without too many qualms. They need to know and be well acquainted with the places they find themselves in, they let themselves be enthralled by pictures of the good old days, by stories of people from previous times compared to whom they feel really young.

Your Cancerian – child or adult – sleeps more than usual? Not a problem, they are recovering physically and morally.

I they eat little it means the topics discussed at the table do not involve them or squabbles have clenched their stomachs. If they don’t sleep it is because they need to talk about what’s going on in their thoughts… 


The killer smile, teasing and seductive. The strong handshake, they don’t have hands but pincers. From a very young age they hold on tight with immeasurable tenacity and will hardly ever let go. Their hands are claws, a strength when rock climbing or when in danger.

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