You are “marked” by Aries if you are born between the 20th of March and the 19th of April, your ascendant or 1st house is in Aries, if you have Mars or Sun conjunct ascendant in your birth chart or have many planets in 1st house, or Mars forms many aspects with other planets or, finally, if you have Moon or Mars in this sign.

Tradition links the sign of the start of springtime and of the zodiac to stubbornness, idealism, courage in battle. When in a NO phase, Aries becomes warmonger, usurper, aggressive without a just cause. But… always ready to listen and to give advice no matter what time, they are loyal to their ideas more than to people, they strive to act consistently with what they say.

They are passionate, unselfish, faithful and loyal friends, always ready to defend without calculating gains or losses. They love pursuing their own life ideals. They respect fairness and have the ability to recognise personal mistakes, but they need to be 100% convinced they are on the wrong side; if they are 98% they will argue with you to the point of exhaustion to make you admit that you are partly wrong too.

Always proud of their children – their own and of their friends – they give them great freedom and stimulate them to express their creativity in any field they choose.

Family: They have an ambiguous relationship with their parents as they find it hard to emotionally detach from the maternal house; they challenge their father and would like to keep on playing with the siblings even when they are told they are adults and “have to behave”.

Theosophy tells us this sign is dominated by the MERCURY OF THE WISE. Although driven to act on impulse, they possess an articulated, complex thought, in constant ferment.

Aries people are direct, occasionally naif, simple but not simpleton: Van Gogh, a March Aries, painted images that were never ordinary even if very linear: farmers, skies, suns, stars, flowers, houses have all the intensity and ardour of its sign when inspired and spontaneous.

Aries’ mind elaborates tactics, but it lacks a long-term strategy that is more in keeping with Capricorn.

Indeed, this spring sign lives in the present and in the future present, or, contrarily, tries to live the most distant Absolute, that is the prototype IDEAL.

The present is for every Aries of vital importance; it is made of constant struggles to affirm themselves and to make sure others can also affirm their own personality. In a dead heat.

The young Ram learns only with time to accept what is relative and to resize his struggles. They thus succeed in integrating the two very distant opposites made up of “all or nothing”

They analyse the problem form different points of view, they take time and stall, meanwhile assimilating within part of their opposite sign, LIBRA. When they feel enlightened Aries people take action within a nanosecond and with intense and focused energy showing great power that is difficult to contain.

Their weakness is gratification: they definitely cannot resist flattery. Furthermore, they “want” (IMPERATIVE mood) to win, as children they want to win at all costs, as adults they could accept a second place but with what an effort!

Do Aries people get angry? Yes, but they are soon over it and don’t hold a grudge.

Do they cook well? The few things they cook are well done and almost always it’s dishes they will with time excel in.

Are they hospitable? Absolutely yes, and they never get scared if you bring a bit of hubbub in their homes, on the contrary. They will open their hearts to you and their thoughts and ideas.


Not all Aries have the same amount of courage or loyalty, it depends on birthyear, decade, ascendant and many other factors. For example, Aries born in the 50ies with Uranus in Cancer and Neptune in Libra are definitely more ROMANTIC AND IDEALISTIC than the ones born in the new century with Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces, imaginative and more determined.

Aries’ planets are the SUN (loyalty, warmth, creativity) and MARS (action, passion, aggressiveness). Depending on how the planets are positioned in their birth skies these can make them generous or proud, courageous or pushy.

Aries never regret their decisions. Both because they prefer not to cry over what happened in the past and because their enthusiasm for life tends to make them happy each time they start something new.

ADVICE: Many Aries lose faith when they have to start something absolutely and entirely new; it is for this reason that they need to avoid giving up at the first difficulties. They must remember the joy of victory and the enthusiasm of the FIRST TIME. If you, young ram, have to give a dance recital and you feel intimidated by the audience, remember how many times you have already repeated the steps, therefore you will certainly be able to perform very well. Or if you are terrorised of public speaking let a friend come with you and speak as if only with him.

Sometimes Aries are in a hurry to leave everyone behind, reach the finish line and beat everyone. It is essential to be number ONE. When they arrive and realise, they are alone they feel sad because they are fundamentally very sociable, they need to have followers and love the crowd. It’s therefore helpful that during the run they occasionally slow down and wait for their friends.

THE SYMBOL OF ARIES: Aries and Capricorn are both ruled by Mars and have two horns as their symbol. Aries’ horns are curled to denote a sort of reflection and introspection. Aries people will hardly ever say what they need and desire as they want to do everything themselves and are not willing to admit their weaknesses. If they do ask for something it’s because they have planets in Pisces or in 12th house or because all alone they cannot do it and don’t feel like trying, they don’t want to waste time. Capricorn’s horns are straight and pointing upwards to represent the need to place itself on high peaks. Taurus’ horns, on the other hand, are shaped as an upward-pointing half-moon atop a full circle.

HOW TO RECOGNISE ARIES: Their tone of voice starts high and ends lower and lower; they walk with their head leaning forward compared to the rest of the body as if trying to get to the future and before anyone else. Sooner or later they ask what your intentions are; they talk about work and avoid long discussions; they fail to redo or repeat the same thing in the same way for two consecutive times, being the sign of the First Time.


  • If you feel energetically discharged and you need someone who will give you enthusiasm and a vision of a future that will certainly be better;
  • if you are looking for a trustworthy person to help you start a project from scratch and then leave to you its implementation;
  • if you do a job that is unsuitable for your abilities and you want to understand who you are and which of your skills are not yet fully used;
  • if you like classic but swift courtship, or look for lovers who will accompany you on your business and leisure trips;
  • if you think too much about house, kitchen, wardrobe, the past and think it’s time to talk about and engage into something else;
  • if long deliberations bore you and you are shy or too diplomatic and you would like for once to tell the naked and raw truth without worrying about the consequences; in any case, you’ll think about them tomorrow;
  • if you want to take a risk leaving the worst behind you with the belief that you will do better;
  • if you like their ideas and advice, discuss further: they already thought about which situations to circumvent in order to avoid getting trapped in dependency.