On the 15th of April 2019 the tallest spire of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral collapsed engulfed in fire.

What does this mean according to the tarots.

THE FALL OF THE TOWER, tarot major arcana n.16, called by the French La maison de dieux (the house of God). Everyone who is acquainted with tarots will have thought of her on 15 of April, at the tower and the fall of its highest point while engulfed in fire, how depicted in all tarot decks of all ages.

The deep meaning of this major arcana tarot card, mysterious and clear, is “although the tall part of the tower collapses, its foundations withstand that”.

Like the Tower of Babel, built and visited by men of different cultures and languages but united by temporarily similar purposes, so other towers today fall because nothing that man builds can last forever.

Man is not empowered to reach the sky, be like the sky eternal. Earth withstand the passage of time, foundations built with hard work withstand the passage of time, despite all cultural, linguistic and economical differences, the fall of the tower warns us that, yes, we do have a solid foundation that allows us to stay strong, but pride, presumption and immoderate ambition will always collide – sooner or later – with the reality of being human.

If this had happened in the seventies of last century, Umberto Eco would have held a lesson on the deep significance that lies behind the materialistic causes. In fact we, as humans, neglect the solid base we share and waste time on mere pipe dreams, dreams of greatness and power, which eventually will clash with the inability to be eternally powerful.

Not only France but the church and all of mankind needs to reconsider; we need to reconsider what human heritage means because without humanity the symbol of this tarot card will fall.

If the building had collapsed in its entirety, if it had been flattened, like many other places, forests, populations – there are plenty of examples – it would have been the Death card indicating radical change.

However, here, we receive hints that the act of building together on solid grounds, getting back to base is our voyage of hope, tarot card n.17, the Star. We need to be open- and not close-minded, we need to enhance what makes us equal and not what separates us; a separation we pretend not to see if for us it means a good bargain.

Traduzione di Giulia Goracci

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On the 15th of April 2019 the tallest spire of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral collapsed engulfed in fire.
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