The Personal Year Number

This can be calculated as follows: birth date + birth month + year of interest. Add all these numbers together until you have a single digit number.

Example: Birth date 14 February becomes 1+4+2 = 7 – Year you’re interested in, in this case 2019 = 2+0+1+9 = 12 – 7 + 12 = 19 which reduced down to a single digit number is 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1
The personal year number of a person born on the 14th of February is 1 for 2019.

Your personal year starts on your birth day and ends on the following one. Major events occur 6 months after your birth day.

Personal year 1: Creativity is stimulated by meetings with completely new people who will facilitate entry in different circles than those you usually mix with. Physical energy, courage and self-esteem will bring forward new beginnings and improve relationships with important people. Previous encounters and new projects will now have an impact which will further develop in the next 8 years. Exercises of creative visualization will help you carry out projects, put your feelings in order, adopt new habits. New ideas and propositions will fill your days with activity; listen and pay attention to all of them as you will be able to better choose between them in personal year 2.

Personal year 2:  Sensitivity and intuition will be appreciated by both new and old friends. Silence and meditation will suggest the methods needed to put into practice the ideas of the previous year, ideas you had in year 1. Lucky circumstances and unexpected help will lead to trips to beloved places. Caution and judgement will be needed to maintain peace of mind and avoid being conned by the ambiguity of others. You will find relief from uncertainty in music, sounds of nature, visits to “holy” places such as museums or cathedrals. Family members can give advice but take your time before deciding.

Personal year 3: You will see an increase in fun opportunities, invitations to parties, inaugurations, artistic and social events. You should prepare the wardrobe for special occasions, as looks and optimism will have an impact on your encounters. Even the shy ones will know how to be spontaneous, cheerful and funny in public. Those who tend to speak a lot can overdo it. An “easy” attitude is recommended, the results will be better than expected. There is the possibility of resuming interrupted studies, luck will help you meet people, bosses, professors who will appreciate your arguments, theoretical knowledge and eagerness.

Personal year 4: This is the appropriate year to reorganise life, space, habits, time dedicated to work and hobbies. It is possible to change the ways of interacting with others and work/study methods. Health will be positively affected by regular rhythms and healthier habits. Consistency will bring rewards, avoid risks and improvisations as they could lead to energy and/or financial loss. Adhering to your schedule will see all your ideas developed in year 1, your choices made in year 2 and the effects of your social interactions of year 3 coalesce to produce positive and tangible results. You will have new responsibilities, seek help from practical and efficient people.

Personal year 5: This period will be made exciting by sudden events and encounters. More liveliness, discoveries, proposals will require adaptability and a good management of anxiety. It’s the year of risk and gamble, you should seize every opportunity that leads to more freedom. Events will change rapidly for better or more difficult it is therefore important to maintain objectivity while looking at the past and the future. It’s the year of the present as middle ground between certainty and exploration of new ways. Luck and bad luck are only short-lived. Intelligence, self-irony, language and technical language knowledge will promote success.

Personal year 6: This is the year of relaxation, arguments and/or reconciliation, delight within the walls of the family home, of calm after the changes occurred in year 5. Music and all types of artistic endeavours are part of year 6: remember that every single argument will have repercussions on the following years increasing the possibility of financial losses. Disregard for laws and rules will bring substantial damage. This is the appropriate year to change social status, for example marrying or divorcing, changing friends or work. The right balance will be necessary as the boomerang of actions or karma will be felt straight away and for a long time.

Personal year 7: This year is for travelling to unusual places and having unusual adventures. Personal experiences will be your voice of truth. Your intuition will guide you when choosing the appropriate expert to solve any problem, whether of a materialistic, spiritual or psychic nature. Movement and reading will be panaceas for body and soul. Reflecting on past events will bring new insights which will help understand what is really important and essential in order to be one’s true self and at the same time to maintain good relations with your friends. There will be a tendency to be serious and to avoid frivolous people but don’t isolate yourselves too much and remember to talk about your personal experiences or people won’t understand you!

Personal year 8: This is the one year when health and finances are on centre stage and not necessarily because there will be illnesses or more expenditure than income, but rather because of a desire to have a closer relationship with a solidity which is both materialistic and physical. Year 7 was the year of philosophy/psychology, whereas this is the year of building and constructing solid and concrete things. Medicine, prevention, saving, insurance investment, all these belong to year 8. There is an increasing interest for the occult, subtle and hidden energies. It becomes easier to express passions and emotions; relationships of all kinds, but especially the romantic ones, will become more intense. To avoid emotional or financial breakdown neither exaggerate nor neglect the symptoms of an unbalanced situation.

Personal year 9: Year of accomplishment, of the end of the cycle that started with year 1. Year of weighing up, of summarizing. Enthusiasm, effervescence, jubilation, all are counterbalanced by sobriety, growth and maturity. Before implementing new initiatives, it would be wise to determine clearly and precisely which activity, behaviour, type of person and situation is no longer valuable, and which is and needs supporting. It is common to start year 9 with new initiatives only to realise later that the time for new projects and better ideas is year 1. It is therefore best not to be in a rush to start something new and instead enjoy the well-deserved success that comes from previous years. Physical activity needs to be consistent and without those enthusiastic peaks that will fizzle out only two minutes later.

(Traduzione di Giulia Goracci)

The Personal Year Number